Ranjit Gauba Memorial
         1st         Viv Wood and Jane Reynolds
        2nd        Belinda Taranto and Patricia McNamara
        3rd        Tony Stevens and Leon Randolf

Autumn Swiss pairs
         1st         Viv Wood and Kim Morrison
        2nd        Dave Munro and Doreen Jones
        3rd         Patricia McNamara and Belinda Taranto
Club Pairs
         1st         Susanne Gammon and Alan Dundas
        2nd        Jonathon Free and Linda Coli
        3rd         Suzanne Atwell and Penny Styles
Australia Day

      1st         NS      Jessica Chew and Alan Harrop
      1st         EW     Deborah Frankel and Dierdre Greenfeld

Christmas Party
         1st         NS Jessica Chew and Alan Harrop (section 1) and David Schokman and Catherine Hood (section 2)
         1st         EW Deborah Frankel and Dierdre Greenfeld (section 1) and Trevor Fuller and Tuk Ming Chen (section 2)
Club Teams
         1st         Therese Garbutt, Alan Harrop, Jonathon Pynt and Viv Zotti
        2nd        Phil Power, Annie Kerr, Frank O’Connor and May Schonwolf
        3rd         Deana Wilson, Saurav Dutta, Diana Quantrill and Audrey Stokes
Club Pairs
         1st         Shizue Futaesaku and Wendy Driscoll
        2nd        Jonathon Pynt and Alan Harrop
        3rd         May Schonwolf and Frank O’Connor
Ranjit Gauba Memorial

         1st         Chris Ingham and David Matthews
        2nd        Helene Kolozs and Ann Youngs
        3rd        Viv Wood and Gerry Daly
Autumn Swiss pairs
         1st         Linda Coli and Jonathon Free
        2nd        Susanne Gammon and Alan Dundas
        3rd        Cynthia Belonogoff and Deana Wilson
Mixed pairs
        1st         Doreen Jones and Dave Munro
        2nd       Vivian Zotti and Mitchell Garbutt
        3rd        David Schokman and Catherine Hood
Club daytime pairs
         1st        David Burn and Kali Crosbie
       2nd        Jan Blight and Linda Bedford-Brown
       3rd        Sylvia Chang and Robyn Todd
Australia Day
      1st NS     Charlie and Lily Lim
      1st EW    Heather Bannerman and Shelley Allen