Upcoming events

Fiske’s November Tuesday lecture

The November Tuesday lecture will be held on the 28th.   The topic is “finesses” – find out how to make those vital extra tricks.   Suitable for inexperienced players and those in supervised.    The lecture will be followed by a supervised session.   Find more information in Fiske November Tuesday.

Fiske’s November Wednesday lecture

The November lecture will be on the  29th.   The topic is Roman Key Card Blackwood (RKCB).   Learn the way to find out about both the king and queen of trumps.    Suitable for more experienced players.   Find more information in Fiske November Wednesday.

Nedlands Christmas Party

This Saturday is a session of bridge followed by the presentation of the Club trophies and awards.   It is a red point event.   The date is Saturday December 16th.   Enter in the book at the Club or enter on-line here.   You can check out the flyer Christmas party.   Note the date has been changed as the Commonweath nations selection trials will be held on the originally scheduled day.

Australia Day

A “show the flag” Australia day game will be run on – would you believe – Australia day, Friday January 26.   This will be a red point event.

Nedlands GNOT heat

The club will be holding its GNOT heat on two Tuesday evenings, January 30 and February 6.   Remember this is a gold point competition.   See 2018 GNOT for the flyer.

Nedlands Birthday Swiss Pairs

The birthday Swiss pairs is to be held on Sunday February 4.    It is a two session event.   Click on 2018 BIRTHDAY CONGRESS so see the flyer.

Beginners’ Course

The next beginner’s course will commence on January 30 2018.   Members are asked to publicize this course as widely as possible.