Learning bridge

The Nedlands Bridge Club offers lessons.   These fall into three categories :-

New players.

If you have little experience in playing bridge and want to learn how to play, there are courses for beginners.   These courses are run in February and July/September, according to demand.   Details of the courses are posted on the web site.   Courses are run by Fiske Warren, an experienced player and teacher.

Contact the club if you want further information or to register your interest.

Less experienced players.

There are many things you can learn if you want to improve your bridge playing skill.   There are lessons run on basic topics of bidding and play as part of the supervised session on Tuesday morning.   Once a month there is a short presentation followed by some practice hands before normal supervised play.   Information about these lessons can be obtained from the club or viewed on the web site (Upcoming Events).

More Experienced players.

When you have learnt the basic principles, you can improve your game by looking at some of the finer aspects of playing the game.   Lessons are offered for more experienced players on Wednesday mornings, usually one topic each month.   There are also short courses of four sessions offered on particular aspects of bridge offered from time to time.   Information about these lessons can be obtained from the club or the web site (Upcoming Events).