Lesson timetable


Nedlands Bridge Club offers a variety of educational sessions, open to interested players from any club.  The lessons being offered in 2021 are as follows –


There will be two 8 week courses, commencing on Tuesday 2nd February and Tuesday 20th July.   These lessons go through the basic principles – no previous experience is necessary.  If you are interested in trying out the game, please contact the club for further details.   Classes run from 10 am to noon, and the cost is $100.   This includes lesson notes, a name badge and bridge etiquette guide.


There will be two short courses concentrating on improving your bidding skills.  Each session runs from 10am to 12 noon.   The courses will run on 5/12/19 May and 6/13/20 October.   Topics will be advised – see upcoming events for information.    While ideally participants attend all sessions, attendance at individual sessions is also beneficial. The cost is $40, or $15 for individual sessions.  Lesson notes are provided.


Several courses will be run this year for novices, giving them the opportunity polish up their skills.   Four sessions are planned, on Wednesdays March 24, June 23, August 18 and November 17.   The cost of each session is $15.   No partner is necessary.


Strictly, mentor days are not lessons, but they give inexperienced player the opportunity to pair with with more experienced players, and this can be a valuable lesson.   You just need to put your name down – a partner will be provided.   You never know, you could have a grand master as your partner.   The mentor days for this year are Thursdays June 24 and September 16.


These stand-alone lessons are on the last Wednesday of each month. Topics are advertised on flyers and the noticeboard at the club as well as under ‘Upcoming Events’ on the website.  Each session runs from 10am to noon.  The cost is $15 per session, and notes are provided.  Registration is necessary as the session will only run if sufficient players enrol.  Email officenbc@westnet.com.au to register, pay on the day.   The lesson schedule for 2021 is as follows –

24th February – Finesse or Not?   Do I need to take that finesse? Is it an unnecessary risk? Is there a better chance?
31st March – Ducking and Avoidance Plays.   Keeping dangerous defenders off lead.
28th April – Standard American.      Ideal for Acol players who are thinking of converting.
26th May – Test Your Declarer Play – 10 Hands.      See how well you do and learn some important techniques
30th June – Two Way Checkback after a 1NT rebid (NEW!).   
28th July – Standard American.      Ideal for Acol players who are thinking of converting.
25th August – The Vacant Spaces Principle.   Learn how the distribution of one suit can affect how you should best play another suit.
29th September – 2 over 1 system.   An easy summary of how this differs from Standard American.

27th October – Squeeze play fun.   Learn some simple squeeze play methods to torture the defenders!
24th November – Two – way checkback after a 1NT rebid.   Learn the latest and best version of checkback that the experts are now playing.