Beginner courses

The next 8 week beginner course will start on Tuesday 6th  September 2022 at 10am.  To make enquiries or register interest in enrolling, please email Mary-Jane at, or call her on 0429 858 016.   The cost of the course will be $100.   Here is the flyer –

If you would like to learn how to play bridge, you can start from the very beginning by attending courses run by the club.   In these courses, you can learn the basic elements of bidding and play.   The courses are offered in February and July, according to demand.

The courses are 8 weeks long, and each session runs for 2 hours, from 10am to noon.  Included in the cost (which is subsidised by the club) is a kit including a lesson notes booklet, a name badge, a bidding summary sheet and bridge etiquette brochure.  In addition, you are offered complimentary membership of the club until 30 June or 31 December, so you can play in any session at member’s prices

When you have completed the course, if you wish you can join in supervised sessions.   These run on Tuesday mornings.   In these sessions, you can call on experienced players to give you advice when you don’t know the best course of action.   In this way you can improve your playing skills in a non-threatening environment.

You will find it does not take long to master the basic principles of bidding and play.   These are relatively simple, but there are many things you can do to improve your chances of winning.   In this lies the great fascination of the game.   There is always an element of luck, but in the long run it is the players who have developed their knowledge of the game who will win more consistently.

Just ask any of the regular players.   All will be able to recount great triumphs.   Along the way, they will have experienced setbacks.   It is practice that gives them the advantage.