Conduct and Etiquette

Bridge is a game that asks players to behave ethically.   Players should maintain a courteous attitude at all times.   For a more complete description of the matters pertaining to conduct and etiquette see the document Etiquette.

The club Recorder

If you feel that an opponent has acted improperly, what do you do?   There are a number of possible actions, one of which is to contact the club recorder.   The procedure for this is given in the Recorder document.

Seating policy

Directors have the responsibility for allocating seating at the club sessions.   There is a policy for this allocation that you can see in Seating Policy Mar 2023.


The club constitution was revised and was accepted by the membership at a Special General Meeting on 11 November 2017.    Here is a copy of the NBC Constitution.

Complaints and mediation procedure

In accordance with a responsibility to have a clear means of handling any complaints, a formal policy and procedures document has been drawn up.   This was formally approved in October 2022.   You can read the document here NBC Complaint and Mediation.

Health and safety policy

The club has a responsibility is provide and environment conducive to the health and safety of all those in the club.   In October 2022 a formal policy and procedure statement was approved.   You can view the document here NBC Health and Safety Policy.

Membership application form

Membership applications may be made at the club.   Here is a copy of the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.


Subscriptions are due by January each year.   A copy of the 2020 subscription form can be found here – 2020 subscription form.