About our teacher

Fiske is recognised as one of Australia’s top bridge teachers and is an Honorary Teaching Fellow of the Australian Bridge Federation .

Since learning bridge from his grandmother as a child in England, he has been playing competitively for nearly 50 years and has been teaching the game for over 35 years.

He was an English Grand Master and enjoyed success at county and national level, frequently representing both London and Cambridgeshire before moving to Perth in 2008. He has since won many state events in WA including the WA Open Teams on three occasions and the Western Seniors Pairs twice. In 2016 he helped the WA Open team finish runners up at the Australian National Championships. Teaching, however, is his real passion and he runs courses at several clubs helping players of all standards from complete beginners to advanced. In addition he offers private tuition and one-to-one coaching.

Fiske is particularly interested in bidding theory and has a thorough knowledge of all the most popular bidding systems including Acol, Standard American and Precision. His teaching style is to try and keep everything clear and concise but above all he believes that his pupils should have fun as they learn!

Look at the ‘Lessons Timetable’ for the variety of lessons on offer. Check under ‘Upcoming Events’ for the specifics of lessons coming up.  These are also on the club noticeboard.